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President, National Defense Academy - Japan

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Abe Fellowship 1991
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Associate Professor, Political Science, Keio University
US Environmental Politics Under the Divided Government: The Issue Network and the Institutionalized Movement

Although the issue network model is more promising than the iron triangle model for understanding the U.S. environmental politics, the institutionalized aspect of the environmental movement and the unique nature of its network distinct from other issue networks must be further explored. The environmental issue network has the capacity to mobilize grass-roots movements while commanding a high degree of expertise, thus combining mass and elite in a unique way and thereby becoming influential at many stages of policy process form agenda-setting to implementation. In addition, the effects of government institutional arrangements, such as a weak and open bureaucracy, on policy outcomes will be examined form a comparative perspective with Japan. By looking at this new political force that is trying to realize the public interest, I hope to present a new interpretation of American politics that is not based on class, race, or political parties.