Current Institutional Affiliation
Professor Emeritus, Behavioral Science, Hokkaido University

Toshio Yamagishi is Adjunct Professor at Hitotsubashi University, and Professor Emeritus at Hokkaido University, where he established the Center for Experimental Research in Social Sciences and became Inaugural Director. He received his doctorate in sociology from the University of Washington. Honors Yamagishi has received include eleven prizes from academic associations in psychology, the Nikkei Prize for Excellent Books in Economic Science (1999), a Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon (2004), and Japan’s 2014 Person of Cultural Merits. His research interests go from psychology and dynamic interactions to macro social structure. His research explores trust, cooperation, altruism, reciprocity, and related issues.

Award Information

Abe Fellowship 1991
Institutional Affiliation (at time of award):
Associate Professor, Behavioral Science, Hokkaido University
Trust, Commitment, and Network Formation in the United States and Japan

This project investigates the role of interpersonal trust in the development of interpersonal and inter-organizational networks of more or less mutually committed relationships both in the United States and Japan. Project I is a cross-cultural survey questionnaire designed to clarify the components of interpersonal trust and related psychological traits. Project II is an experimental research on the development of network structures as function of trust and nationality. These proposed projects are based on a series of survey and experimental works on related issues conducted by myself for the past 10 years.