Fellows & Grantees

Dennis Encarnation

Abe Fellowship 1992
Project Title
An Emerging Yen Bloc? A Study of National Governments and Multinational Corporations in East Asia
Institutional Affiliation (at time of award)
Associate Professor, Business Administration, Harvard University


Dennis Encarnation has devoted his professional life to the study and practice of globalization, both as a university professor and as a global consultant on six continents. As a professor, Dennis recently retired from Harvard University, having joined the faculty in 1982.  He spent the first half of his Harvard career on the faculty of the Harvard Business School, and the second half at the Harvard Kennedy School.   As a consultant, Dennis has worked with a broad range of multinational and local corporations, as well as with government agencies, multilateral institutions and nongovernmental organizations.  Dennis is currently writing a book on globalization that draws on his 40 years of academic research and consulting experience.