Current Institutional Affiliation
Lecturer, Group in Asian Studies, Department of International & Area Studies, University of California / Berkeley

Award Information

Abe Fellowship 1992
Institutional Affiliation (at time of award):
Advanced Research Fellow, U.S.-Japan Relations, Harvard University
Immigrant Resettlement and Local Communities: Japan and the United States

Since the passage of the revised Immigration Law in 1989, the Nikkeijin--the descendants of Japanese emigres--from South America arrive legally to work in Japan. Some intend to stay indefinitely with their families. This project will study their resettlement process in local communities in Japan. It will (1) identify the specific needs of immigrants attempting to resettle; (2) analyze the community actions to serve those needs; (3)documents the cultural adjustment of the immigrants; and finally (4) compare these themes between the Nikkeijin in Japan and Indochinese refugees in the United States. Results from this study will help local Japanese administrators form effective public policies.