Current Institutional Affiliation
Reischauer Professor of Social Anthropology/Director, Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies, Harvard University

Award Information

Abe Fellowship 1993
Institutional Affiliation (at time of award):
Associate Professor, Anthropology, Cornell University
Atlantic Bluefin Tuna: A Case Study of Transnational Trade and Global Marine Resources

This proposal falls primarily into the Global Issues aspect of the Abe Fellowship Research Agenda, specifically addressing issues of management of the global environment and economic interdependence as factors that profoundly structure the commercial exploitation of global marine resources. The research proposed is a focused ethnographic case study of the institutional structure and cultural patterning of transnational trade linkages between Atlantic bluefin tuna fisheries and Japanese markets, in the context of transnational management of fisheries resources. The project is comparative, involving analysis of trade between Japan and, respectively, the U.S., Canada, Spain, and Portugal.