Fellows & Grantees

Nobuhiro Hiwatari

Abe Fellowship 1993
Project Title
Explaining the Persistence of Trade Fictions in US-Japan Relations: A Quest for Comparative International Political Economy Approach
Institutional Affiliation (at time of award)
Associate Professor, Political Science, University of Tokyo


Nobuhiro Hiwatari (PhD, University of California, Berkeley) is a professor of political economy/international political economy at the Institute of Social Sciences, University of Tokyo. He has also taught at Columbia University and at the University of California, Berkeley and has conducted research at Harvard, Yale, and Cambridge Universities. His research interests are the party politics of “neo-liberal” reforms in OECD countries, and the impact of political regime heterogeneity on economic cooperation in the Asian-Pacific region; his works on these topics have appeared in academic journals as well as edited volumes. Currently, he is finishing a project examining how party competition during international recessions shapes the adoption of fiscal and structural reforms at OECD countries.