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Professor, Faculty of Law, Sophia University

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Abe Fellowship 1994
Institutional Affiliation (at time of award):
Associate Professor, Law, Sophia University
Comparison of Debt to-Creditor Law in the US with that in Japan: A Comparative Study of Legal Policy on Consumer Debt Collection Devices

A comparative study of legal policy on consumer debts collection devices."; First, I will research how consumer debtors are protected from unreasonable debt-collection activities under state and federal law in the U.S. Second, I will research whether creditors can expeditiously collect outstanding consumer debts outside Bankruptcy Law. Third, I will study many cases under CHAPTER 13 of Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1978, which provides for certain articles concerning the bankruptcy of an individual with a regular income. Finally, I will compare the consumer debts collection devices in the U.S. with those in Japan, and will attempt to find specific differences of legal policy between American Law and Japanese Law.