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Abe Fellowship 1998
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Post- Doctoral Fellow, Central Asian Security, Brown University
Comparison of Strategies of Foreign Investment and Aid to Post Soviet Kazakhstan: Japan, China and US

In a balanced global economy, the Eurasian Corridor will of necessity play an important part. Central Asian Kazakhstan, the area of my doctoral study, aspires to become a paradigm for future involvement between East and West, a crossroad of foreign investment based on plurality and security rather than conflict. Can economic and strategic cooperation provide a model for positive East-West relations in the uncertain vacuum left by the cold war? I plan to compare the economic interests and strategies in Kazakhstan of the US, Japan and, to a lesser degree, China. My study will investigate their trajectories of competition and cooperation in Kazakhstan at various stages of economic growth and retrenchment, along with their effects on a diverse and transitional society, which already internalizes within itself both East and West.