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Public Perceptions of Preservation Policies and Practices in Historic Residential Neighborhood: A Case of Dongsi, Beijing, China

Rapid economic and urban development in China, following the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949 and the Reform and Opening-Up Policy in 1978, led to many historic neighborhoods in Chinese cities losing their pre-1949 urban fabric and cultural identity. For those who are concerned about this loss, historic preservation becomes an urgent need for the local government and the residents' decision-making, regarding the built and social environments. This study is situated in Dongsi, an 700-year-old residential neighborhood in the inner-city of Beijing, and takes a qualitative approach to look at the public perceptions of preservation-related policies and practices from the 1990s to present. The goal of this study is to explain public perceptions of preservation and revitalization policies and practices, and whether and to what extent many of these policies and practices have fulfilled their objectives.