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Columbia University

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Abe Fellowship 1998
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Assistant Professor, Social Sciences, International Christian University
Comparative Studies on the Reagan, Thatcher, and Nakasone Administrations' Policies and their Gender Bias

This study will compare policies of the British, American, and Japanese governments in the 1980s with the purpose of explaining how and why their neo-liberal policies differed in terms of their definition of women's roles in their respective societies. In the face of a global economic crisis in the 1980s, these three governments adopted similar policies dubbed "supply-side economics." However, despite such a similarity, their policies differed in terms of their implications upon women's roles as primary caretakers of their families: the Nakasone government's policy was the most comprehensive in terms of reinforcing women's caretaking roles, while the Thatcher government adopted few policies to increase women's family responsibilities. The Reagan administration did more than the Thatcher government but less than Nakasone government. Thus, the main goal of this project is to explain such variations in the ways these governments defined proper roles of women.