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Professor, Faculty of International Research and Education, Waseda University

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Abe Fellowship 1998
Institutional Affiliation (at time of award):
Associate Professor, Law, Kyushu University
The Rise of Neo-Liberalism and its "Political Infrastructure" in the United States: A Comparative Perspective

My project analyzes the 'political infrastructure' that mediated the rise and dissemination of the neo-liberal political agenda. It focuses the American case, where rapidly mushrooming religious-right organizations served as the mobilization machine for the neo-liberal to grasp power. The neo-liberal political force was thus the outcome of a movement that originated voluntarily. Starting from this insight, my project tries to depict some typical configurations of local political infrastructure with those connecting points that transmit a local move to a national movement, or the other way around. It also plans to explore the national strategies pursued by certain religious right movements and then articulate the shape of the national political infrastructure available for their use. Finally, my project assumes that the kind of political infrastructure mobilized for the surge of nee-liberalism can vary between countries, as shown in the differentiated examples of the United States, Britain and Japan.