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Professor (Retired), Osaka College of Music

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Abe Fellowship 1995
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Professor, Music, Osaka College of Music
A Study on the Past and Present of American History Education on Race and Ethnic Groups: A Quest for History Education Defined from a Multicultural Standpoint

The rapid pluralization of the ethnicity and culture in Japan requires us to reorganize our education radically by basing it on the principle of pluralism. In my research I will aim to deepen the understanding of American society through examining the past and present of American history education on the race and ethnic groups. At the same time, I will try to contribute to the development of Japanese history education defined from the multicultural standpoint, and in its turn contribute to improving US-Japan relations. I will accomplish these purposes by examining critically the controversy over the multicultural education in the light of the interdisciplinary studies, and by exploring the position of American history education in the multicultural education through the historical and comparative approaches.