Current Institutional Affiliation
Henry L. Stimson Professor, Vice Dean for Graduate Program and International Legal Studies, Director of East Asian Legal Studies Program, Harvard University / Harvard Law School

Award Information

Abe Fellowship 1996
Institutional Affiliation (at time of award):
Professor and Director, Law, East Asian Legal Studies, Harvard University
The Emergence of the Legal Profession in East Asia: Globalization and Justice

A comparative study of the development of the legal profession in four East Asian jurisdictions: Japan, Korea, the PRC, and Taiwan. The study will have three components. The first will concern the post World War II growth of the profession, broadly defined. Particular attention will be paid to both domestic and foreign models for the profession (including "competition" between Japanese and American models in Korea, Taiwan and the PRC); the demography of the profession; and questions of professional organization and regulation. The second will consider whether in East Asia the growth of the profession has led to a legalization of business, governmental and social practices and shaped perceptions of how justice is to be attained. The third will examine challenges that the growing globalization of the profession are likely to pose in East Asia and the ways in which· the expansion and strengthening of the profession there may, in turn, shape the profession globally.