The Transregional Planning Grants support the development of collaborative research projects that deepen understanding of the mutual shaping of social and environmental change in and across Indian Ocean countries. The grantees were chosen through a highly selective peer review process, conducted by an interdisciplinary and transnational group of regional experts. With funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, grantees will undertake a range of project development activities, including collaborative workshops coordinated by the SSRC.

The following are Transregional Planning Grant recipients:

Transformative Social Innovations in the Governance of Small-scale Fisheries in the Indian Ocean Region

Principal Investigators

Almas Mazigo

Assistant Professor, Dar es Salaam University College of Education

Johan Hattingh

Professor, Stellenbosch University

Mahmudul Islam

Professor, Sylhet Agricultural University

Dar es Salaam University College of Education


Sariaka Rakotondrazafy

Impacting Lives through Opportunities (ILO)

Sunil Santha

Tata Institute of Social Sciences

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Sounding the Monsoon

Principal Investigators

Jonathan Cane

Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Humanities, University of Pretoria

Euclides Gonçalves

Director and Researcher, Kaleidoscopio

Lindsay Bremner

Professor of Architecture, University of Westminster

University of Pretoria


Rufus Maculuve

Kaleidoscopio; Music Crossroads

Samid Suliman

School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science at Griffith University

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Rupture, Gendered Adaptation, and the Social Economy of Indian Ocean Fisheries

Principal Investigators

Gayathri Lokuge

Senior Researcher, Centre for Poverty Analysis

Amalendu Jyotishi

Faculty, School of Development, Azim Premji University

Holly Hapke

Director of Research Development, School of Social Sciences, UC Irvine

Centre for Poverty Analysis


Karin Fernando

Centre for Poverty Analysis

Derek Johnson

University of Manitoba Department of Anthropology

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Proposal to Develop a ‘Southern Collective’ for Transdisciplinary Collaborations on the Northern Indian Ocean

Principal Investigators

Annu Jalais

Assistant Professor, South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore

Aarthi Sridhar

Programme Head, Dakshin Foundation

Rapti Siriwardane

Researcher, Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research

Alin Kadfak

Researcher, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences



Ahilan Kadirgamar

Northern Cooperative Development Bank

Sujatha Byravan


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Oceanic Power: Gulf Aid, Islamic Ethics, and Climate Change in Zanzibar's Offshore Search for Oil & Gas

Principal Investigators

Issa Haji Ziddy

Associate Professor of Religious Education, State University of Zanzibar

Caitlyn Bolton

PhD Candidate, City University of New York

Mary Mtumwa Khatib

Research Officer, Lecturer, Department of Geography, State University of Zanzibar

State University of Zanzibar

Mangroves and Tangled Futures: Agrarian Change, Energy Extraction, and Coastal Ecologies in Mozambique and Western India

Principal Investigators

Inês Raimundo

Professor of Human Geography; Director of Center of Political Analysis, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; University Eduardo Mondlane

Chandana Anusha

PhD Candidate, Yale University

Serena Stein

Postdoctoral Researcher, Wageningen University

University Eduardo Mondlane


Ambika Aiyyadurai

IIT Gandhinagar

Marlino Mubai

University Eduardo Mondlane

Tarquinio Mateus Magalhães

Eduardo Mondlane University

Environmental Refugees: Climate, Health, and Livelihood in the Indian Ocean World

Principal Investigators

Debojyoti Das

Visiting Fellow, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Maratwada University

Simi Mehta

CEO and Editorial Director, Impact and Policy Research Institute

Stephen O Maluka

Associate Professor of Public Health, University of Dar es Salaam

University of Sussex


Bina Sengar

Department of History, Baba Saheb Ambedkar Maratwara University

Shababa Haque

International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCAD)

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Climate Change, Political Economy, and Connectivity in the Red Sea Arena

Principal Investigators

Nathalie Peutz

Associate Professor of Arab Crossroads Studies, NYU Abu Dhabi

Alden Young

Assistant Professor of History, University of California Los Angeles

New York University - Abu Dhabi


Ian Hoyt

NYU Abu Dhabi

Yesmine Abida

NYU Abu Dhabi

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