Image: Camilo Jimenez
Just Tech Covid-19 Rapid-Response Grant – Fall 2020


Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, many people who need treatment for diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and diabetes have not been receiving the health services and medicines they need . Noncommunicable disease (NCD) patients with lower socioeconomic status are vulnerable to non-adherence to medication and adverse health outcomes. The problem is particularly exacerbated during the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic due to loss of jobs and wages coupled with disruption in patients’ usual drug access sources. Similarly, a temporary closure of outpatient facilities in government secondary and tertiary care facilities has been declared in Bangladesh, though some facilities have been converted into dedicated Covid-19 hospitals. This project will engage different stakeholders in prioritizing NCD management through situational analysis and by identifying a coping strategy for NCDs management. A policy brief will be developed to ensure NCDs clinical management in the Covid-19 treatment protocol. Additionally, treatment and research guidelines will be prepared for providing NCD-related activities.

Principal Investigator

Shamim H. Talukder

Chief Executive Officer, Eminence Associates for Social Development

With over a decade of experience as a development professional in areas of public health, Shamim H. Talukder is exploring the scope of innovative ideas and skills in research, designing essential and need-based studies, surveys, and techniques. As CEO for Eminence, He has provided technical and strategic leadership for the expansion and scale-up of activities for the sustainability of the organization and maintenance of excellent relations with high government officials, policymakers, donors, and coordination and strong partnerships. Moreover, he has worked as the secretariat of different national and international societies related to health and nutrition, leading participation in policy formulation and implications processes. His experience combines strong analytical and management skills with expertise in participatory appraisal, strategic planning, operations and program management, review, policy advocacy and analysis, research and evaluation focusing on maternal and child health, reproductive health, non-communicable disease, urban health, communicable disease, and nutrition.