CSWEP-SSRC Women in Economics and Mathematics Research Consortium


This project seeks to improve diversity in economics by creating a series of videos and accompanying curricular materials to introduce diverse role models, relevant research, and active learning into undergraduate economics classrooms. This is a scalable intervention designed to increase the numbers and success of women and other historically excluded groups in the economics profession. The project will target undergraduate introductory economics courses with the aim of broadening perceptions of who economists are and what they study, increasing students’ sense of belonging in economics, and thereby increasing the probability that women and other diverse students continue in the field. The research team will use a difference-in-differences strategy to estimate the impacts of the intervention on student choice of major and continuation to other classes in economics, and on subjective outcomes driven by the STEM education and psychology literature. The team will compare the impacts of the program across groups to assess who receives the greatest benefit.

Principal Investigator

Jill Caviglia-Harris

Professor of Economics in the Economics & Finance and Environmental Studies, Salisbury University

Co-Principal Investigators

Sarah Jacobson

Professor, Dept. of Economics, Williams College

Luke Jones

Professor, Dept. of Economics, Valdosta State University

Jimena González Ramírez

Associate Professor, Dept. of Economics, Manhattan College

Kim Holder

Director, Center for Economic Education and Financial Literacy, University of West Georgia

Jose Fernandez

Associate Professor and Chair of the Economics Department, University of Louisville