Indiana University Bloomington


The Globally Ready Digital Toolbox (also called “the Digital Toolbox” or “the Toolbox”) is an innovative pedagogical tool that advances humanities education in rural Indiana and connects Indiana University’s museums and archival collections with K-16 educators who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. These collections have been developed by expert faculty, staff, and curators, all in support of researching and teaching the humanities at IU. The Toolbox features digital renderings of material culture, music, photography, and video, and provides a map-based digital portal for educators to introduce students to diverse cultures from around the world. The global artifacts housed across IU’s many collections are combined with additional online resources and standards-based instructional materials written by educational experts to create a robust, ready-to-use digital pedagogical aid for educators across subject areas and grade levels. Thus, the Digital Toolbox will act as a digital aid for educators and students to develop critical thinking and high-level inquiry skills that will help them navigate larger shifts in culture and society.