The Anxieties of Democracy program promotes scholarship on the politics of immigration, with a particular focus on Latinx immigration to the United States during the contemporary period. In March 2019, the initiative organized a conference at which a group of scholars shared research on patterns of immigration into the United States over the past 25 years, and the political consequences of these patterns, both for the newly arrived immigrants and for the pre-existing population.

The initiative is led by Deborah Yashar (Princeton University), Nancy Bermeo (University of Oxford), and Michael Jones-Correa (University of Pennsylvania).

Other participants include:

Sofya Aptekar (University of Massachusetts, Boston), Amada Armenta (University of California, Los Angeles), Matt Barreto (University of California, Los Angeles), David Cortez (University of Notre Dame), Katherine Cramer (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Abigail Fisher Williamson (Trinity College), Shannon Gleeson (Cornell University), Roberto Gonzales (Harvard University), Marie Gottschalk (University of Pennsylvania), James McCann (Purdue University), Cecilia Menjivar (University of California, Los Angeles), Melissa Michelson (Menlo College), Karthick Ramakrishnan (University of California, Riverside), Veronica Terriquez (University of California, Riverside), Sara Wallace Goodman (University of California, Irvine), Matthew Wright (American University)