In seeking to understand and respond to environmentally driven health risks arising from China’s rapid development and urbanization, there is growing awareness of the need for social science perspectives. But capacity to research these issues is weak and cross-disciplinary collaboration particularly rare.

The FORHEAD Summer Institute is designed to strengthen research capacity and incubate cross-disciplinary collaboration through a week-long intensive program at which participants are introduced to key conceptual and methodological approaches to environment and health from across the disciplines, analyze and critique previous research, and provide feedback on developing research proposals. The Summer Institute is now linked to the Collaborative Grants Program.

In order to ensure that the learning which takes place at the Institute is available to a broader audience, a set of research resources generated from the meeting are available on the FORHEAD website. These include presentations on disciplinary approaches and key concepts and methods; a synthesis of insights from the collaborative grants regarding the challenges of cross-disciplinary research on environmental impacts on health; and key findings from the case studies. In combination with other resources, these materials offer a flexible resource for educational institutions, government and NGOs, who can download packages of information tailored to their own particular needs, including trainings and other capacity-building activities. 

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