The Preparing for the Professoriate seminar is for fellows entering the academic job market. The seminar gives fellows the skills they need to secure and negotiate their first faculty appointments successfully.

  • Open to fellows who have completed, or are close to completing the dissertation*
  • Provides the tools and skills that fellows need to navigate the academic job market
  • Simulates the job search process
  • Includes sessions with Mellon PhDs who discuss a variety of issues, including the CV, job application, job talk, postdoctoral fellowships, defining one’s academic identity, and finding the proper fit
  • Allows fellows to receive a level of attention far beyond what is offered by institutional workshops

* This seminar is targeted at fellows that have completed or are close to completing their dissertations. For this reason, fellows that participate in the Preparing for the Professoriate seminar are not eligible to attend PWDDS or DWR, or apply to the Dissertation Completion Grant, after they have completed this seminar.

The 2021 Preparing for the Professoriate seminar will be held virtually on September 23. Applications are due by August 23, 2021.