Who can apply to participate in the 2020 Summer Institute?

The Institute is open to advanced doctoral candidates and recent postdocs from all fields in the social sciences, humanities, and theology who work on, or seek to work on, one of the two themes. Doctoral candidates must complete all requirements for the PhD degree except for the dissertation by June 2020. Recent postdocs are eligible if they were granted their PhD during or after Spring 2015.

Is there a citizenship requirement?

There are no restrictions in terms of the citizenship or geographic location of the applicant.

Is there a degree requirement?

Applicants must currently be enrolled in a PhD program and have advanced to candidacy by June 2020 or have completed their PhD during or after Spring 2015.

What disciplines are eligible?

The Institute is open to applicants from all fields in the social sciences, humanities, and theology.

Must I demonstrate proof of an institutional affiliation in my application for this fellowship?

Postdocs need not be affiliated with an academic institution to be eligible to apply.

I have a full-time faculty appointment. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes. Any scholar who completed their PhD during or after Spring 2015 is eligible to apply, regardless of institutional affiliation.

Application Process

When is the application deadline?

Applications must be submitted through the SSRC’s online application system no later than 11:59 p.m. EST on January 31, 2020.

My current research applies to both themes. Can I submit an application for both?

No. Please select the one for which you wish to be considered in your application.

How many positions are offered?

There will be 8-10 scholars selected to attend the Summer Institute for each of the two themes.

May I submit my application by fax or email?

No. Applications sent by fax or email will not be accepted. Applicants must use the SSRC’s Online Application Portal to supply the necessary information.

How can I find out whether the program has received my application?

An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent automatically via email upon successful submission of the application. If you do not receive an automatic email confirmation within 24 hours of submitting your application, please contact religion@ssrc.org. Please specify “2020 Summer Institute” in the message subject line.

If I submit my application before the deadline, can I change it?

No. No alterations will be accepted after the application has been submitted.

What are the selection procedures?

Participants will be evaluated by an interdisciplinary committee of scholars who work on the themes of the Institute. Selection will consider the relevance of applicant’s research agenda and rationale for how participation in the Summer Institute will contribute to that agenda (i.e., benefit from engaging with a range of disciplinary perspectives, intellectual traditions, and geographic foci).

When are applicants notified of decisions?

Applicants will be informed whether or not they have been selected for the institute in early April.


What will it cost to participate in the Institute?

All expenses during the Institute will be paid by the SSRC. The SSRC will also cover reasonable travel expenses to attend the Institute.

Dates and Location

When is the Summer Institute?

The Summer Institute will take place July 16-22, 2020.

Where will the Summer Institute be held?

The Summer Institute will be held in Santa Fe, New Mexico.