The Mercury Project is a consortium of 120+ social and behavioral scientists and practitioners committed to building vaccine demand and an information environment supportive of science-based health decision-making.

In this blog series, you can learn more about the solutions the 18 teams we support are testing and how they are testing them. For example, you can read about information illiteracy in rural Bihar, India and why we need to strengthen adolescent skills, as the BIMLI team is trying to do, so they can give misinformation a miss. You can also read about how the Health ambassadors team is building interpersonal communication skills at the front lines of the primary health care system to tackle vaccine hesitancy with empathy.

You can also learn more about the work we at the Mercury Project do to convene members into productive conversation with one another, connect them with outside experts, and co-create key deliverables to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of solutions-oriented research. For your example, you can learn more about how to leverage the Mercury Project Research Framework–an output of our first annual in-person convening–here. You can also read more about our vision for the next phase of the Mercury Project here.