The Just Tech Program responds to a critical need in the technology ecosystem, empowering an intersectional network of scholars and practitioners to imagine and create more equitable and representative technological futures. Just Tech will foreground questions of power, justice, and public impact at a time when technological development, while not always assumed to be inherently positive, is often assumed to be an inevitable boon to society.

The program has three goals: 1) to improve our base of knowledge by creating purposive and sustainable pathways for critical research; 2) to connect and amplify scholars whose research offers necessary counters to voices and institutions that have outsized representation within the academy and the tech industry; 3) and to legitimize the work and center the needs of marginalized people, prioritizing social and political imperatives over technological ones, and challenging assumptions about how technology shapes power in society.

By creating a pipeline that fosters research and social engagement, the program will enrich public discourse, inform policy, and imagine just futures where social and public interests drive technological change, rather than the inverse.

Program Components


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