The Northeast Asia Cooperative Security Project supports efforts to form a cooperative security community in Northeast Asia. Begun in 1995, the project has conducted several Track II diplomatic initiatives, bringing together representatives from North Korea, South Korea, Japan, China and Russia who are interested in working in an unofficial capacity to negotiate an end to North Korea's nuclear and missile programs. The project also aims to educate publics in both the United States and Northeast Asia through lectures, publications, and mainstream media appearances. 

Back row (left to right): Ambassador Stephen Bosworth, now the Special Representative for North Korean Policy; K.A. Namkung, aide to New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson; and SSRC Program Director Leon Sigal. Front row (left to right): Gerald Curtis, professor of Japanese politics at Columbia University; Ambassador Morton Abramowitz, Senior Fellow at the Century Foundation and former president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Choe Sun Hui, DPRK Foreign Ministry official; Morton Halperin, consultant to Open Society Institute and director of Policy Planning in the State Department 1998-2001; and Jonathan Pollack, professor of Asian and Pacific studies at the Naval War College.

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