Louisiana ranks 49th among U.S. states and Washington, D.C. on the American Human Development Index, with wide disparities within the state. This new study examines disparities by parish, race, and gender in Louisiana, and calls for action to address the acute human vulnerability that persists today, four years after Hurricane Katrina.

The report is commissioned by Oxfam America and the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation, with funding from Oxfam America and the Foundation for the Mid South.

To order hard copies, contact:

Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation

T: 225-383-1672

E: info@louisianahelp.org

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A Portrait of Louisiana
Burd-Sharps, Sarah, Lewis, Kristen, Martins, Eduardo Borges
Measure of America
Publish Date
Burd-Sharps, Sarah, Lewis, Kristen, Martins, Eduardo Borges, A Portrait of Louisiana (Measure of America, 2009).