Advancing Transitional Justice is a series of books produced by the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ). Presenting innovative work in the field of transitional justice, the series addresses important gaps in scholarship and provides comparative analysis of transitional justice measures and the difficult contexts in which they take place. Each edited volume presents the findings of a different research project conducted by ICTJ and should be of interest to the academic community, policymakers, and practitioners. The projects explore not just particular justice measures but also the relationship between transitional justice and other fields. Each book is available for purchase in hard copy or downloadable, for free, in an electronic version.

The International Center for Transitional Justice helps societies confronting massive human rights abuses promote accountability, pursue truth, provide reparations, and build trustworthy institutions. Committed to the vindication of victims’ rights and the promotion of gender justice, ICTJ provides expert technical advice, policy analysis, and comparative research on transitional justice measures, including criminal prosecutions, reparations initiatives, truth seeking, memorialization efforts, and institutional reform.  For more information, visit

About the ICTJ Research Unit

ICTJ’s Research Unit is at the forefront of developing a richer understanding of the field of transitional justice as a whole. The unit conducts research projects that are comparative in nature, global in scope, and on topics underresearched in the field. These projects are designed to be policy friendly, and at the same time normatively rich, so as to contribute to giving content to the notion of transitional justice. Our research targets a variety of audiences, including practitioners, policymakers, academics, students, and ICTJ staff worldwide. Each project has produced a variety of outputs, including edited volumes, policy and research briefs, guidelines and principles, and reports of different kinds. The unit has conducted ten projects over the past ten years. For more information, visit


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Advancing Transitional Justice Series
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