The After September 11 book series was produced by the SSRC and published by The New Press from 2002 to 2006. Edited by leading social scientists, it offers critical perspectives of contemporary topics in the immediate wake of September 11.

The series begins with a two-part volume analyzing issues related to September 11 itself, including political, social, and economic factors underlying the attacks, as well as providing global perspectives of international order and America’s role in the world in the early 2000s (Understanding September 11 and Critical Views of September 11: Analyses from Around the World). The third and fourth books in the series examine life post–September 11, tackling issues of information-technology security, terrorism, migration, and government policy (Bombs and Bandwidth: The Emerging Relationship between Information Technology and Security and The Maze of Fear: Security and Migration After 9/11).

About The New Press

The New Press is a not-for-profit publishing house based in New York City that aims to broaden the audience for serious intellectual work, especially by reaching out to audiences intellectually red-lined by commercial publishers; to bring out the work of traditionally underrepresented voices; and to address the problems of a society in transition, highlighting attempts at reform and innovation in a wide range of fields. The New Press published its first book in 1992.

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After September 11 Book Series
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0, After September 11 Book Series (The New Press, 2002–2006).