Book written by 1991 Abe Fellow Tomoko Hamada based on his project “Japanese Enterprise in America.”

This book describes how American and Japanese management ideologies meet, collide, and contend in the process of competitive cooperation during a joint venture in Japan. In a detailed case study, Hamada describes the very real problems when Japanese and American managers run a business operation, and analyzes them from a comparative, relativistic, and historical perspective. The author presents a novel and effective way of viewing organizational dynamics, seeing the ‘unfinished’ cultural process between different sub-groups who create and recreate the symbolic meanings of corporate phenomena. Her succinct analysis of Japanese and American behavioral modes makes both practical and theoretical contributions to the field of international management. 

Highlighting the interdependence between corporate culture and broader societal culture, Hamada looks closely at interactions between American and Japanese businessmen, analyzes their cultural differences, and proposes that these differences can be viewed not just as a source of continuing conflict but of dynamic cooperation.


Publication Details

American Enterprise in Japan
Hamada, Tomoko
State University of New York (SUNY) / SUNY Press
Publish Date
August 1991
Hamada, Tomoko, American Enterprise in Japan (State University of New York (SUNY) / SUNY Press, August 1991).