Young people have been at the forefront of political conflict in many parts of the world. In some conflicts, young children become killers before they are able to grasp the complexities of morality. Only recently has this component of warfare captured the world’s attention. A major concern today is how to reverse the damage done to the thousands of children who have become not only victims, but also agents of wartime atrocities. In this volume, Honwana draws on her firsthand experience with children of Angola and Mozambique, and her work on the subject for the United Nations and the SSRC, to shed light on how children are recruited, what they encounter, and how they come to terms with what they have done. Honwana also examines the role of local communities and the efforts undertaken by international organizations to support these wartime casualties. Buy from Amazon

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Child Soldiers in Africa
Honwana, Alcinda
University of Pennsylvania / University of Pennsylvania Press
Publish Date
Honwana, Alcinda, Child Soldiers in Africa (University of Pennsylvania / University of Pennsylvania Press, 2006).