Ciudades Translocales: Espacios, flujo, representación—Perspectivas desde las Américas

Reguillo, Rossana


A result of the SSRC’s Translocal Flows in the Americas Project, this volume brings together scholars from the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean in order to define the contours of an emerging field of hemispheric urban studies. Processes like territorial fragmentation, the acceleration of migratory flows, growing heterogeneity and the expanding role of the media and consumption in the construction of urban experience are giving rise to new modes of segregation and inequality, thus transforming the geographies of belonging, exclusion and citizenship in urban centers across the Americas. With contributions from renowned scholars, critics and public intellectuals as well as those of a new generation of researchers from throughout the region, this Spanish-language volume examines the social and cultural transformations taking place under the sign of neoliberal globalization in cities across the Hemisphere, and maps the practices and discourses emerging from these urban formations in flux.