Dreams that Matter explores the social and material life of dreams in contemporary Cairo. 2002 IDRF fellow Amira Mittermaier guides the reader through landscapes of the imagination that feature Muslim dream interpreters who draw on Freud, reformists who dismiss all forms of divination as superstition, a Sufi devotional group that keeps a diary of dreams related to its shaykh, and ordinary believers who speak of moving encounters with the Prophet Muhammad. In close dialogue with her Egyptian interlocutors, Islamic textual traditions, and Western theorists, Mittermaier teases out the dream’s ethical, political, and religious implications. Her book is a provocative examination of how present-day Muslims encounter and engage the Divine that offers a different perspective on the Islamic Revival. Dreams That Matter opens up new spaces for an anthropology of the imagination, inviting us to rethink both the imagined and the real. Buy it on Amazon.

Publication Details

Dreams that Matter: Egyptian Landscapes of the Imagination
Mittermaier, Amira
University of California / University of California Press
Publish Date
December 2010
Mittermaier, Amira, Dreams that Matter: Egyptian Landscapes of the Imagination (University of California / University of California Press, December 2010).