Book Written by 2005 Abe Fellow Alison Brysk based on her project “Global Good Samaritans: Human Security Promoters and Networks.”

Global Good Samaritans looks at the reasons why and how some
states promote human rights internationally, arguing that humanitarian
internationalism is more than episodic altruism–it is a pattern of
persistent principled politics. Human rights as a principled foreign
policy defies the realist prediction of untrammeled pursuit of national
interest, and suggests the utility of constructivist approaches that
investigate the role of ideas, identities, and influences on state
action. Brysk shows how a diverse set of democratic middle powers,
inspired by visionary leaders and strong civil societies, came to see
the linkage between their long-term interest and the common good. She
concludes that state promotion of global human rights may be an option
for many more members of the international community and that the
international human rights regime can be strengthened at the interstate
level, alongside social movement campaigns and the struggle for the
democratization of global governance.

Publication Details

Global Good Samaritans: Human Rights as Foreign Policy
Brysk, Alison
University of Oxford / Oxford University Press
Publish Date
March 2009
Brysk, Alison, Global Good Samaritans: Human Rights as Foreign Policy (University of Oxford / Oxford University Press, March 2009).