Health at Risk: America’s Ailing Health System–and How to Heal It

Hacker, Jacob S


Written by America’s leading social scientists and healthcare policy experts, Health at Risk brings the latest research to bear on questions of healthcare policy and dysfunction.

In this volume, contributors diagnose the problems that afflict American healthcare and offer treatments grounded in scholarship and reasoned analysis. Each chapter confronts a major challenge to the country’s health security—from runaway costs and uneven quality of care to declining levels of insurance coverage and medical bankruptcy—and helps readers cut through the jargon and rhetoric that cloud our contemporary political debates. Part of the SSRC’s drive to produce exceptional, accessible, “real-time” social science, Health at Risk is the perfect primer for an issue that affects us all.

Health at Risk is the first volume in the Columbia University Press/Social Science Research Council’s Privatization of Risk book series.

July 2008 | 112 Pages | 978-0-2311460-3-6 | Columbia University Press | Paper $15.00 | Cloth $45.00 | Buy this book