Book written by 2000 Abe Fellow Yuko Aoyama based on her project “Entrepreneurship and Regional Culture in the Information Age:  A Comparative Study of Regional Business Communities in Japan and the United States.” Co-authored with James Murphy and Susan Hanson.

Key Concepts in Economic Geography is a new kind of textbook that forms part of an innovative set of companion texts for the human geography sub-disciplines. Organized around 20 short essays, this book provides a cutting edge introduction to the central concepts that define contemporary research in economic geography. Involving detailed and expansive discussions, the book includes:

  • An introductory chapter providing a succinct overview of the recent developments in the field
  • Over 20 key concept entries with comprehensive explanations, definitions, and evolutions of the subject
  • Extensive pedagogic features that enhance understanding including figures, diagrams, and further reading

An ideal companion text for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in economic geography, the book presents the key concepts in the discipline, demonstrating their historical roots, and contemporary applications to fully understand the processes of economic change, regional growth and decline, globalization, and the changing locations of firms and industries. Written by an internationally recognized set of authors, the book is an essential addition to any geography student’s library. 

Publication Details

Key Concepts in Economic Geography
Aoyama, Yuko
SAGE Publishing
Publish Date
December 2010
Aoyama, Yuko, Key Concepts in Economic Geography (SAGE Publishing, December 2010).