This publication resulted from the workshop “Sites of Inter-Asian Interaction,” which convened at Inter-Asian Connections I: Dubai in 2008. 

This book provides rich and provocative comparative studies of South and Southeast Asian domestic workers who migrate to other parts of Asia. These studies range from Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore, to Yemen, Israel, Jordan, and the UAE. Conceptually and methodologically, this book challenges us to move beyond established regional divides and proposes new ways of mapping inter-Asian connections. The authors view migrant workers within a wider spatial context of intersecting groups and trajectories through time. Keenly attentive to the importance of migrants of diverse nationalities who have labored in multiple regions, this book examines intimate connections and distant divides in the social lives and politics of migrant workers across time and space.

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Migrant Workers in Asia: Distant Divides, Intimate Connections
Constable, Nicole
Publish Date
Constable, Nicole, Migrant Workers in Asia: Distant Divides, Intimate Connections (Routledge, 2010).