Journal article written by DPDF 2008 Muslim Modernities Fellow Abdoulaye Sounaye in Social Compass.

In Niger, Izala is a well established Islamic reform movement that is known for its strategic use of small media. The author investigates how these media are produced and circulated during the Wa’zin kasa, a three-day international preaching rally, and how they play an active role in popularizing Izala’s discourses and practices and in shaping a moral community. The author illustrates that the mobility of these small media has instigated a media dynamic that has transformed the mediascape in Niger and produced new actors and new religious discourses. These ‘Sunna media’ have played an important role in the spread of the reformist movement, and in the establishment of new forms of authority. In the case of the Izala movement, they have also generated a specific religiosity.

Publication Details

Mobile Sunna: Islam, Small Media and Community in Niger
Sounaye, Abdoulaye
SAGE Publishing
Publish Date
March 2014
Sounaye, Abdoulaye, Mobile Sunna: Islam, Small Media and Community in Niger (SAGE Publishing, March 2014).