In this chapter, Koser examines the the relationship between the Eritrean government and Diaspora. He argues that the Eritrean state has been able to build on the pre-war link between the Eritrean Diaspora and the government to mobilize support from the Diaspora and finance the Eritrean-Ethiopian conflict. In the post-independence era, the state has intensified its efforts to enhance its relationship with the Diaspora. The state has employed multiple strategies including the re-opening political offices in major host countries, the revitalization of Eritrean relief associations; and the participation of the government in events organized by migrants. Koser recognizes diaspora communities’ growing disillusionment with the government, and the emerging religious, ethnic and political factions in the post-independence era.

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Mobilizing New African Diasporas: The Eritrean Case Study
Koser, Khalid
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Koser, Khalid, Mobilizing New African Diasporas: The Eritrean Case Study (Routledge, 2003).