Provincializing Global Urbanism: A Manifesto

Leitner, Helga


Publication by Eric Sheppard, 2011 DPDF Provincializing Global Urbanism: Toward Multiple Urban Futures Research Director Helga Leitner, and Anant Maringanti.

Mainstream urban scholarship envisions urbanization as a global process that is best achieved via the worldwide application of the development mechanisms pioneered in the advanced capitalist countries—currently, those of neoliberal globalization. Yet the repeated failure of this vision to deliver on its promise of wealth for all and ecological sustainability compels urban scholars to rethink mainstream presumptions. By means of a ten-point manifesto, we argue that provincializing global urbanism creates space from which to challenge urban theories that treat “northern” urbanization as the norm, to incorporate the expertise and perspectives of urban majorities, and to imagine and enact alternative urban futures. [Key words: Southern theory, post-colonial urbanism, provincialization, method, learning, global urbanism.]