This publication resulted from the workshop “Inter-Asian Temple and Trust Networks within and out of Southeast Asia,” which convened at Inter-Asian Connections II: Singapore in 2010. 

Over the past several decades, the economies of Asia have been growing exponentially. But as a result, the political and financial networks of this region have been subject to focus, almost to the exclusion of other narratives. Here, Peter van der Veer shifts the focus onto the religious networks of the region, in this special issue featuring papers from five Inter-Asian Connections participants. Crucially, though, he emphasizes how embedded religious actors are within not only religious networks, but also political and economic ones. He therefore examines the ways in which religion connects people, offers them opportunities to travel
and link up, and enables the movements of people and trade across the world. By examining Christian, Buddhist and Muslim networks across Asia and with the West, this book offers vital analysis for researchers of both modern religion as well as students of politics and trade economics.

Publication Details

Religious Networks in Asia and Beyond
van der Veer, Peter
Zayed University
Publish Date
April 2012
van der Veer, Peter, Religious Networks in Asia and Beyond (Zayed University, April 2012).