Edited volume from 1997 Abe Fellow T.J. Pempel. This book was published as a result of the 2001-2002 SSRC-CGP Seminar Series “Remapping Asia: Competing Patterns of Regionalization” and the Writers’ Workshop “Regionalization in Asia.” 

An assessment of recent developments in East Asia by a number of top scholars suggesting that the region is ripe for cooperation rather than rivalry and that recent “region-building” developments have had a substantial cumulative effect on the broader canvas of international politics. The volume is the result of a seminar series organized by the Abe Fellowship Program of the SSRC with funding provided by the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership.

Publication Details

Remapping East Asia: The Construction of a Region
Pempel, T.J.
Cornell University / Cornell University Press
Publish Date
January 2005
Pempel, T.J., Remapping East Asia: The Construction of a Region (Cornell University / Cornell University Press, January 2005).