Book written by 1996 Abe Fellow Peter Katzenstein based on his project “Globalism and Regionalism: Japan and Asia, Germany and Europe.”

Since the unexpected end of the Cold War, standard arguments about power politics can no longer be adopted uncritically. This has led to a renewed interest in Japan’s unusually peaceful security policy.

Japan’s championing of “comprehensive security” is central to this collection. Peter J. Katzenstein’s essays explore this concept which not only encompasses traditional military concerns but also domestic aspects of security. The book’s focus on counter-terrorism and national security highlights a policy approach which, over decades, Japan has developed with political patience and diplomatic finesse. These essays advocate an eclectic approach that helps in recognizing new questions and that seek to combine elements from different analytical perspectives in the exploration of novel lines of argument.

Additionally, the book features an entirely new, substantial introduction that explores and elaborates the themes of the collection while bringing it up to date. This collection will be of significant interest to students and scholars of Japanese politics, security studies and international relations.

Publication Details

Rethinking Japanese Security: Internal and External Dimensions
Kazenstein, Peter J
Publish Date
March 2008
Kazenstein, Peter J, Rethinking Japanese Security: Internal and External Dimensions (Routledge, March 2008).