This publication resulted from the workshop “Sites of Inter-Asian Interaction,” which convened at Inter-Asian Connections I: Dubai in 2008. 

Recent work in history, anthropology, and related disciplines has opened up new ways of thinking about inter-Asian connections. The contributors to this issue aim to ground these themes in a concerted focus on particular spaces or sites. We suggest that sites can, in themselves, be constitutive of particular modes of Asian interactions. Much recent literature on Asian transnationalism has focused on Asian elites and on textual modes of interaction, notably focusing on the writings of pre-eminent Asian intellectuals and literary figures. In thinking about spaces of interaction, we aim to broaden the focus of discussion to include non-elite Asians and their interactions with each other. By focusing on spaces—real and virtual—these papers begin to conceive of new ways of capturing changing geographical imaginations and the fluidity of borders and boundaries across Asia.


Publication Details

Sites of Asian Interaction
Harper, Tim, Amrith, Sunil
University of Cambridge / Cambridge University Press
Publish Date
March 2012
Harper, Tim, Amrith, Sunil, Sites of Asian Interaction (University of Cambridge / Cambridge University Press, March 2012).