Foreword by Craig Calhoun

Afterword by Kenneth Prewitt

Part 1
  • The Cause of Empirical Research
  • Organizing Assumptions
  • Changing Political Tides
Part 2
  • Direction and Mandate
  • Research Planning in the 1970s
  • Research Planning in the 1980s
  • Research Planning in the 1990s
  • Area and International Studies
  • International Program Reorganization
  • Fellowships and Grants
  • Conclusion

Reprinting Social Science Research Council: The First Fifty Years, by Elbridge Sibley (Foreword and Afterword by Eleanor Bernert Sheldon

  • Introduction
  • Major Issues of Policy
  • Improving Research Methods
  • Some Methodological and Substantive Accomplishments
  • Research Training and Support
  • Foreign Area Training and Research
  • The Council and the Federal Government

Publication Details

Social Science Research Council, 1923-1998
Worcester, Kenton W.
Social Science Research Council
Publish Date
Worcester, Kenton W., Social Science Research Council, 1923-1998 (Social Science Research Council, 2001).