Publication by 2010 DPDF After Secularization Fellow Timur Yuskaev.

This essay argues that multifaith concerns must become central components of curricula across theological education. It outlines a methodology for such incorporation in a course and for an audience that, at first glance, appears not to lend itself to such an approach, a Hartford Seminary course on Muslim public speaking for Islamic Chaplaincy students. This methodology is based on the model of educational programs developed by the Interfaith Center of New York for local religious leaders and professionals who work with and within religiously diverse settings, such as school teachers, court officials, health care professionals, and social workers. This model of practical multifaith education is based on the local realities of religious diversity that constitutes the context for the work of graduates of theological schools.

Publication Details

Staying Put: Local Context as Classroom for Multifaith Education
Yuskaev, Timur R.
John Wiley & Sons
Publish Date
October 2013
Yuskaev, Timur R., Staying Put: Local Context as Classroom for Multifaith Education (John Wiley & Sons, October 2013).