Transitional Justice is often pursued in contexts where people have been
forced from their homes by human rights violations and have suffered
additional abuses while displaced. Little attention has been paid, however,
to how transitional justice measures can respond to the injustices of
displacement. Transitional Justice and Displacement is the result of a
collaborative research project of the International Center for Transitional
Justice and the Brookings-LSE Project on Internal Displacement. It examines
the capacity of transitional justice measures to address displacement, engage
the justice claims of displaced persons, and support durable solutions, and
analyzes the links between transitional justice and the interventions of
humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding actors. The book makes a
compelling case for ensuring that justice measures address displacement and
that responses to displacement incorporate transitional justice.

The fifth volume of the International Center for Transitional Justice’s Advancing Transitional Justice series.

July 2012 | 364 pages | 978-0-911400-01-4 | The Social Science Research Council

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Transitional Justice and Displacement
Duthie, Roger
Social Science Research Council
Publish Date
Duthie, Roger, Transitional Justice and Displacement (Social Science Research Council, 2012).