Introduction: Gender History Across Epistemologies

Gabaccia, Donna

Co-authored by DPDF 2011 Migration and Gender Studies Research Director, Donna R. Gabaccia and Mary Jo Maynes:

Gender History Across Epistemologies offers broad range of innovative approaches to gender history. The essays reveal how historians of gender are crossing boundaries - disciplinary, methodological, and national - to explore new opportunities for viewing gender as a category of historical analysis.

  • Essays present epistemological and theoretical debates central in gender history over the past two decades 
  • Contributions within this volume to the work on gender history are approached from a wide range of disciplinary locations and approaches
  • The volume demonstrates that recent approaches to gender history suggest surprising crossovers and even the discovery of common grounds
Introduction: Gender History Across Epistemologies
Gabaccia, Donna
Blackwell Publishing, November 2012
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