In When Women Have Wings, 1998 IDRF Fellow Donna F. Murdock provides an insightful and detailed look at the tensions, contradictions, and positive moments apparent in a women’s development project in Medellín, Colombia. Based on sixteen months of ethnographic field research in a working-class women’s community center run by a local feminist NGO, this in-depth account illuminates both working- and middle-class women’s perspectives on the professionalization of feminist NGOs and provides an unusual ethnographic lens on the process as it unfolds. Using detailed descriptions of the encounters between working- and middle-class women to highlight how the women’s center attempts to negotiate the pressures of feminism and professionalization, Murdock depicts the frailty and complexity of cross-class organizing and the ways that this process may be threatened by professionalized NGO styles. With its clear and vivid style, When Women Have Wings fills a gap for scholars of feminist development, professionalized feminist NGOs, grassroots democracy, and Latin American women’s movements and will contribute much-needed insight into the everyday workings of the problems of professionalization and democratic development. Buy from Amazon

Publication Details

When Women Have Wings: Feminism and Development in Medellin, Colombia
Murdock, Donna F.
University of Michigan / University of Michigan Press
Publish Date
Murdock, Donna F., When Women Have Wings: Feminism and Development in Medellin, Colombia (University of Michigan / University of Michigan Press, 2008).