Veronica Zepeda

Program Director


Dr. Veronica Zepeda is the program director for the Sloan Scholars Mentoring Network and has developed and taught outreach, retention, and mentoring programs for over 15 years. Veronica was fortunate to be exposed to research as a high school participant in the NASA SHARP Plus and MITE2S programs, which led her to attend MIT and obtain a BS in biology in 2005. While pursuing undergraduate research at MIT, she became involved in several science education and leadership programs through participation in organizations such as MAES, SACNAS, and SHPE. She continued this work while a graduate student where she participated in the development of the UC Berkeley Amgen Scholars program as a graduate assistant and mentor. She received her PhD in molecular and cell biology from UC Berkeley in 2011 and went on to serve as education coordinator for the Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology at the University of California, San Francisco from 2011-2013.