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The Anxieties of Democracy program is thrilled to sponsor several panels and a program reception at the 2018 American Political Science Association (APSA) annual meeting in Boston. A related panel will also be featuring SSRC President Alondra Nelson.

“Comparative Perspectives on U.S. Populism and Potential for Democratic Erosion”

This panel will explore the role of political institutions in the success of populist appeals in the United States and abroad.

Participants: Nolan McCartyDavid J. SamuelsKirk A. HawkinsLevente LittvayKaren Long JuskoKenneth M. Roberts, and Frances Lee.

Division: Official APSA theme panel

Details: August 30, 8am–9:30am; Hynes 302.

“Globalization, the Knowledge Economy, and the Politics of Inequality”

This panel will address the consequences of increased precarity and expanding class differences in established democracies.

Participants: Frances RosenbluthAndreas WiedemannKathleen ThelenIan ShapiroBen William AnsellJane GingrichChristian SalasJonathan RoddenJacob HackerCarles Boix, and Margaret Weir.

Division: Class and Inequality

Details: August 30, 10am–11:30am; Hynes 204.

“Democracy and Its Discontents: The Failing Politics of Climate Adaptation”

 This panel will explore the (lack of) democratic responses to the urgent challenges posed by climate change.

Participants: Nancy RosenblumSarah PralleDebra JavelineTracy Kijewski-CorreaHilary Boudet, and David Konisky.

Division: Official APSA theme panel

Details: August 30, 12pm–1:30pm; Hynes 204.

“Negotiating Agreement in Congress: Exploring Tools and Incentives”

This panel will analyze challenges to legislative negotiations in Congress.

Participants: Danielle ThomsenLogan DanceyMamie E. LockeJason M. RobertsTracy SulkinJonathan Lewallen, and Michelle Whyman.

Division: Legislative Studies

Details: August 30, 2pm–3:30pm; Hynes 204.

The Anxieties of Democracy program reception

We look forward to seeing you at the Anxieties of Democracy program reception. Remarks will be given by Alondra Nelson, President of the SSRC, as well as her immediate predecessor Ira Katznelson, who founded the Anxieties of Democracy program during his tenure at the SSRC. Hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be provided.