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Sankei Shimbun

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Abe Fellowship for Journalists 2012
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Staff Writer, Economic News, Sankei Shimbun
Future Cooperation in Energy Policy between Japan and the U.S.

Energy security has been the cornerstone of coexistence and co-prosperity between Japan and the US since the Second World War. As both countries reevaluate domestic energy policy, how can Japan and the US cooperate to further mutual benefit and energy security? One possible answer to this question lies in nuclear power policy. Japan has developed new safer models of reactors and can provide the US with this technology. Another possible answer to this question involves natural gas export policy. The US has rich natural gas resources due to the "shale revolution", and Japan would like a stable supply of gas as a substitute for shut down nuclear power plants. A third possible answer to the question exists in cooperation in renewable energies. Application of Japanese demand-side technologies could benefit US energy policy which is focused on improving self-sufficiency. Can the energy giant America and technology giant Japan establish a solid alliance in energy policy? I wish to take on this topic for my project, which will wield great influence on the future. My research would take me to Washington, D.C. to collect data from policy-makers, as well as Japanese corporations in the vicinity. I would visit Texas to survey the situation on export of shale gas. I would continue my research in New Mexico where verification trials are underway on a smart grid project led by Japanese groups. Lastly, I would survey the potential for shale gas exports in Canada to compare the exporting policy of the US and Canada.